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PTSD treatment
PTSD treatment

In 1997, I began active duty as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician, or bomb squad, for the Air Force. I did two tours in Iraq, one tour in Afghanistan and one more in Pakistan. Over the course of my active duty career, I received the Bronze Star and probably cleared somewhere around 50-75 IEDs in Baghdad alone. After returning home, I became an instructor teaching other professionals how to survive in combat situations under unimaginable stress and potentially dire consequences. To say that it had a lasting effect on me, and those around me, would be an understatement.

A New Therapeutic Approach for PTSD treatment That Feels Much Less Therapeutic!

The effects of what I witnessed and the extreme circumstances I had to endure began to take their toll. What I found was that the “traditional” ways to deal with PTSD did not work effectively for me. Not only that, but I also found that there were a lot of people living with PTSD who were not getting the relief they so desperately needed from traditionally accepted therapies. I experienced and witnessed the frustration and sheer hopelessness of feeling like this was it and I would have to just have to live with feeling the way I did forever.

Instead of Desensitizing and Minimizing, the Goal is to Override Negative Associations to Gain Power

There is a whole science behind the therapy that Track Heroes provides to those suffering from PTSD. But that isn’t as important as knowing firsthand that it helped to transform my life. Where other mental health treatments failed, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which tried to desensitize feelings by reliving them over and over, car racing excelled. I discovered that finding a way to heal, while also dealing with the heavy burden of what trauma can do, doesn’t have to be punishing.

Navigating Lives is Similar to Navigating Car Racing

You don’t have to relive a traumatic situation over and over. We found a solution where your negative experiences can be overridden by positive and joyful ones. Track Heroes is a way to vicariously learn how to navigate the hurdles in the lives of trauma victims instead of just trying to push memories down or minimize what someone has had to endure.

Mental Health is Tricky…

Mental health is a tricky thing, and no two people handle it the same way. That is why traditional treatments don’t work for everyone. And when you don’t get relief, it can start to feel like you are failing, or that there is something wrong with you. Our program is designed to boost people who have lost hope in finding a resolution for their pain through traditional routes. We are still in the process of figuring it all out – but when dealing with mental health, it may not be possible to get everything 100% right, every time, for everyone. Through listening to experiences and watching how Track Heroes is changing lives, our goal is to continue to reach as many people as possible, as effectively as possible.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to better the lives of those who have given so much and endured so much.

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